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What to see in Montes de Toledo

Discover what to see in Montes de Toledo. Nature offers you a lot of landscapes and places that will make your senses reach maximum pleasure.
embalse Parque Nacional de Cabañeros

Cabañeros National Park

One of the 15 National Parks located in Spain. Its area is close to 45,000 hectares within which you can find some animal species in danger of extinction such as the ibex, the imperial eagle and the black vulture. You can also look at this amazing place, particular flora among which there are also species that are protected by their scarcity as birch or yew.

Hiking trails in the Montes de Toledo

paisaje montes de toledo

Las Navillas

ovejas en las navillas 2
San Pablo de los Montes

San Pablo de los Montes

A charming small town located in the Montes de Toledo of about two thousand inhabitants, one hundred square miles in area where you can find traces of Roman iron mines of the second century BC and settlements Visigoth

Molino del Tío Mairero

Molino del Tío Mairero

Ermita de Santa María de Melque del siglo VII

An iconic shrine that takes us to the dark ages, an example of the Roman world with characteristic elements also Syrian and Jordanian buildings. Before the Islamic conquest, the chapel was part of a great monastery in the seventh century.
Entrada a la Iglesia de Santa María de Melque
castillo de montalbán

Castillo de Montalbán

A majestic and mysterious Templar castle located on the bank of the Tagus river and elevation during the time of the Reconquista that you can visit during your stay in El Capricho de Los Montes.


castillo de guadamur
Molinos de Consuegra situados en la provincia de Toledo

Molinos de Consuegra

A set of twelve mills mark the horizon in La Mancha Toledo. A group of mills of great beauty.

Cordel del Marchés de la Cañada Real Segoviana

Cordel del Marchés

What to see in Toledo

Toledo is certainly one of the most historic cities in Spainand the mix of different cultures that lived during the time she has left a cultural legacy unparalleledKnown as the “Imperial City” and as “the city of three cultures” to have been inhabited for years by Christians, Jews and Muslims. World Heritage Site since 1986with a population of about 84,000 inhabitants, the second largest city in the province and an area of 232 square kilometers.

Perspectiva de la Catedral de Toledo

Catedral Primada de Toledo

Plaza de Zocodover

Vista de la Plaza de Zocodover

Senda Ecológica del Río Tajo

Zona pavimentada de la Senda Ecológica del Río Tajo

Puente de San Martín

Bella vista desde lejos del Puente de San Martín
fachada del monasterio de san juan de los reyes

Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes

Iglesia de El Salvador

Iglesia de El Salvador

«La torre vista por detrás- 2013-05-29 18-01» por User:The vettelist – Trabajo propio. Disponible bajo la licencia CC BY-SA 3.0 vía Wikimedia Commons.

Sinagoga de Santa María la Blanca

sinagoga de santa maria la blanca

Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz

Mezquita del Cristo de la Luz

Museo de Santa Cruz

museo de Santa Cruz en Toledo

Iglesia de Santo Tomé

Paseo hacia la Iglesia de Santo Tomé