Tourism in the Montes de Toledo

If you are looking for things to do in Toledo Spain, our country house is very well located to enjoy some spectacles and activities out of it, but also, we offer aditional experiences taht you can do without leave “El Capricho de Los Montes”, so you can have a fulfilling experience.

Experiences that you can enjoy in our rural house

First, we show you the activities that you can enjoy inside our rural house

Delicious breakfasts with homemade jams and organic tomatoes

Our rural house has an organic garden, free of pesticides and any chemical element harmful to health. We like to eat healthy and as natural as possible, and that is why we offer our customers some breakfasts full of energy with organic tomatoes that we collect from our own garden and delicious homemade jams.

desayuno con mermeladas caseras en la casa rural en Toledo El Capricho de los Montes
desayunos en el porche de la casa rural en los Montes de Toledo El Capricho de los Montes

Refreshing pool for hot summer days

In our rural house we have a bioclimatic pool that you can enjoy in the hot summer months and forget about the high temperatures.
disfrutando de la piscina en la casa rural en Toledo El Capricho de Los Montes
competición de natación en la piscina de nuestra casa rural en Toledo
senderismo toledo

Hiking and cycling routes

Our rural house is surrounded by numerous routes for hiking or cycling with which to know and enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the Montes de Toledo.

Exclusive and personalized photo sessions for you

If you are coming to our rural house with a special reason, we put at your disposal the possibility of hiring a professional photo session in Toledo, exclusive and personalized for you, with which to have the best memory of such a special moment , such as pregnancy, a honeymoon or a vacation with your whole family. Do not miss the opportunity to have a unique memory that will always remain in your memory thanks to an exclusive photo session.
sesión de fotos de embarazo en toledo
Bailes Latinos Carmen y Alberto propietarios de la casa rural

Exclusive ballroom dnace classes

If you book more than two nights in “El Capricho de Los Montes”, we offer the possibility of a exclusive dance class for you, that animate the body and to learn new skills to achieve the maximum connection with your partner.

Enjoy the wonderful night sky

Stay away from civilization and light pollution will allow you to enjoy the wonders of nature, both day and night. The mysterious, majestic and overwhelming Universe is something that with the advance of modern civilization we have lost sight of. From El Capricho de Los Montes, you can enjoy on clear nights when the Moon is not at its best, with wonderful night skies, and see constellations and galaxies. Proof of this, are these photographs that have been taken from El Capricho de Los Montes, Domingo and Nicolás, recent guests of our rural house, to whom we greatly appreciate that we have been given and allowed to put on our website these panoramas in which you can observe the Messier 33 Galaxy, the constellation of the Pleiades and other nebulae and star formations.
Las Pléyades, vista desde los Montes de Toledo. Un lugar perfecto para ver las estrellas desde la Casa Rural El Capricho de Los Montes
Nebulosa observada desde los Montes de Toledo en la Casa Rural El Capricho de Los Montes
taller plantas medicinales aromaticas toledo

Workshop on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Tourism in Toledo is not only enjoy the scenery and culture of the place, but also learn about the medicinal and aromatic plants that can be grown herethe typical flora of the place and learn to use it to their advantage.

Collection and tasting our organic garden

Enjoy the delicacies of far more healthy and tasty organic production due to our special care for the environment and our policy of not using chemicals in the production of food from our garden. See and taste the difference of natural production.
huerta ecologica toledo

Experiences that you can enjoy in the surroundings of our rural house

In addition these are the other tourism activities in the Montes de Toledo that you can find near our house so you do not miss an experience during your stay in this unmistakable place.

Tirolinas en entorno de la casa rural
Preciosa vista del camino por donde discurre la Senda Ecológica del río Tajo

Adventure Park

Would you like to add adrenaline to your visit to the Montes de Toledo? Three kilometers from our rural house, you can enjoy the zip lines and adventure activities in the “Los Baños del Sagrario Adventure Park”, a different way of sightseeing in the Montes de Toledo.

Guided tours of the Montes de Toledo

Let yourself be guided by professionals who know every inch of the Montes de Toledo to enjoy some of the most beautiful routes you can do in the area while you learn about the flora and fauna of the area.

Guided SUV Tours on “Parque Nacional de Cabañeros”

Four hours guided SUV Tours in “Parque Nacional de Cabañeros”, where you can see deers, fallow deers, roe deers, birds and visit an old mill.
Rutas 4x4 Parque Nacional de Cabañeros

Ride a horse

25 kilometers from our house is the Equestrian Center San Juan Navahermosa, with the possibility of horse riding and trekking around the Cabañeros National Park.
Rutas a caballo en Montes de Toledo

La berrea

You can not touring Montes de Toledo without witnessing this spectacle of nature unequaled that occurs in the mating season for red deer (usually late September), where through a guttural sound emitted by males this species, attempt to demonstrate its best, take possession of fertile lands and demonstrate its power.
la berrea